What are Boxer Braids

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Whether it’s a hairstyle or jazz music, there’s a difference between honouring a culture and stealing from it— Anon.
“Boxer braids” “Urban tie cap” “twisted mini buns” aka cornrows , durags and Bantu knots
— Tellie Time (@Chaantellie) February 20, 2016
Sigh. It never ends.

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I bet its no longer news that the latest hair trend taking over social media is boxer braids aka Double Dutch but then again is the style really that new? did we miss something?

 well for those of you who haven’t noticed, Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair in braids a lot lately,  it looks great on her and ever since become popular and common amongst other A-list. Tutorials, pictorial, all worth not are all over the internet which show step by step how to achieve the hairstyle. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the style or people wanting to recreate the look. Where the problem comes in is the fact that necessary  credits/ acknowledgement haven’t being given to the black community who happen to have started this hairstyle

With the current cornrow controversy, many white celebrities have adopted the hairstyle, which sparked a lot of backlash and has made it a platform for public opinion not just on the cornrow issue which happens to be the tip of the ice burg which regards to cultural appropriation.

Objection 1: Why is this trend called  boxer braids? Don’t they mean corn row?Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 6.20.57 AM

Objection 2: The hairstyle is originally from the black community …so why not feature some brown/ dark skinned beauties to display the look?

Beautiful isn’t she ? check out previous post on Yarisbeth

The hashtags though! the last on killed me lol.
The hashtags though! the last on killed me lol.


Objection 3: Why/how do the Kardashian/Jenner ‘s always seem to get credit for ‘cementing’ a style that originated in Black communities? That brings me to my next point on Economics. In general, when the white culture adopt things that were originally created by black people, they tend to make a lot of profit from it. This is saddening as it feels a lot like slavery where someone else takes all the credit for your efforts.  it can be concluded that non mainstream cultures and minorities are being Exploited.

Lusting after Bo Derek in 10 doesn’t make anyone appreciate black culture more- Anon.

Some Famous Black Women that Wore Cornrows Before Kim Kardashian West

Men on Cornrows Before Kim Kardashian West

Just as celebrities wear cornrows on the red carpet and other events and its been acknowledged and referred to as CHIC  is the same way little black girls wear those same cornrows and can be seen as symbol  of her culture/Ghetto  lifestyle. Just the same way a white person looking black gets  featured in magazines while a black person putting on the same thing gets pulled over by the police. One can understand the frustration.Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.05.53 PM


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