I want that look | Find Beauty Gurus with similar Skin Tone as you

 Father-daughter run online beauty destination


Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.05.14 AMThis has got to be one of the most genius things I’ve seen all week. Super awesome idea, and to think i thought  this wasn’t already  in existence. what isn’t there to love about the site? take it from me who has  spent way more time on YouTube than I’m willing to admit looking for ladies with my skin tone, dark skin women in general.  so I love that this site could potentially make that search easier. 

  • Easily find Beauty gurus with similar skin tones as yourself.
  • By using the filters on the site, you can  narrow your search to specific things you want. (life saver!) like skin type, expertise etc.
  • Being able to search by skin tone is totally helpful

    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 2.57.17 AM
    Here’s what the site looks like

Georgia Becker (14-year-old)  with the help of her step dad, Joseph Ghartey  launched a  site  which will serve as a destination for both women and girls to be able to easily find their favourite beauty gurus and videos by using easy-to-navigate filters. This idea was birth after Joseph Ghartey watched Georgia go through various youtube channels in search of the perfect tutorials.


Check out the video of Georgia talking about the site

Will you be checking out I WANT THAT LOOK.COM?


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