Taking Stock: Two

Eating: a lot of home made Nigerian-dishes. courtesy of my friend’s mum 😉

images from Dooneyskitchen she’s really good and i like how she finds creative ways prepare meals.

Drinking: A lot of water * 10,000 toilet trips*

Reading: RIBA (royal institute of british architects) 2013 plan of works, design access statement

Wanting: a clear purpose
Playing: Superwoman by wandecoal, Vector 8 and Mama by kiss Daniel

Wasting: no time trying to get my course work done and over with *whew*

Creating: more content for the blog,audacious goals and adding to my bucket list
Wishing: I had shit load of money…. if wishes were horses, right?

                             Liking: one Dance by Drake
                            Wondering: why the weather here in England is so indecisive *snowing in spring, really?*

rolling eyes
Loving: Beyonce’ LEMONADE

beyonce lemonade giphy
beyonce L giphyHoping: for a productive last few weeks before the end of the semester

Knowing: that I’m destined to live an amazing life. 

Smelling: flowers

Following: stories of Zaha Hadid who’ve fought against all odds to be a strong, successful Architect. So inspiring! check out previous post on zaha (Here) and (here)

Starting: To actually live. Living in the moment; living my dreams. Wholly and unapologetically.

Reaction: when A told me i forgot  my usb but didn’t take it for me usb

Knowing: that I’ve still got four major tasks to accomplish in two weeks before I call it a wrap, makes me wish I could just crawl into bed already.
Thinking: about life and 2016 and wondering what the future has in store for me.
Feeling: butterflies in my stomach right now.
Bookmarking: agirlobssessed blog, Makeupsavvy and sisiyemmie blog
Opening: Ay comedian YouTube page…
Giggling: at what I’ve found on Ay comedian’s YouTube page – his 2016 comedy skit  titled NASO WE SEE AM OH  the shade was non-stop (lol)

(Still) giggling: At the “Little Girl Isn’t Scared Of The Devil! “Imma Bust The Devil Up, He Needs To Stop Playing With Me” video (Here)  too cute!! she killed me when she said “your messing with the wrong nigga”bitch face

(Still) Feeling: very inspired by this TD Jakes podcast  which I discovered a couple days ago. grab your tea/coffee and get comfortable, its about thirty minutes long, you’re in for an inspiring ride.

Thankful: for friends and people around me


Thanks for stopping by…
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.05.53 PM


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