Kylie Jenner | LipKit swatch

Hello there! Today I've got swatches of two of kylie'  lip kit in Dolce K and True brown. I've gone ahead to swatch it and you can see how it looks on dark skin. I'm really liking the true brown 🙂 from left to right Dolce K lip liner | Dolce K | True Brown … Continue reading Kylie Jenner | LipKit swatch


June Makeup Haul

Hello there! Today will be a makeup haul, first of its kind on the blog. you can check out other highlights in June (here) and (here)     Makeup revolution ULTRA 32 professional eyeshadows palette flawless. ÂŁ8.00 its a 32 in 1 palette with a mixture of shimmer and matte  eyeshadows.  The palette is made up … Continue reading June Makeup Haul


Hello, A little bit about The Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Base(ÂŁ6.00) is a lightweight spray primer providing the perfect base underneath your makeup. Let’s talk about the Aqua Priming Base Spray, Packaging it comes with a push spray bottle, the bottle is a sleek black and copper detail, nice colour scheme which is aesthetically pleasing. is 100ml thats … Continue reading MAKEUP REVOLUTION | PRO FIX – PRO PRIME

I AIN’T SORRY| Beyonce Inspired Makeup [outtake]

Well hello there! Thought i try something new on here, so I've done an outtake on a Beyonce inspired makeup look from her sorry video. Remember Makeup shayla ( here) & (here) she recreated this look as well, thought i play around a bit 🙂 Makeup Shayla Thanks for stopping by....... Happy Father's day … Continue reading I AIN’T SORRY| Beyonce Inspired Makeup [outtake]

Natural Makeup Remover

Hello there, Ever wondered other alternatives when you  run out of baby wipes, makeup wipes or another thing you use to take off makeup? well not to worry, in a minute you'll get to see other options which are probably lying around the house that can substitute.  the don't just get rid of the makeup … Continue reading Natural Makeup Remover

SWATCH | Highlighters

Oh hi there, Back again with the swatches. today will be focused on highlighters, as you'll see in a minute a couple of highlighters  of different price ranges, you can checkout other swatches (here), (here) and (here). Notice the full face highlighter challenge all over youtube? keep your eyes peeled for that on here, I'm … Continue reading SWATCH | Highlighters

SWATCH | Liquid Lipsticks

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Welcome back! This is a continuation of the swatch series, i've done swatches of various liquid lipsticks ranging from makeup revolution, to colour pop, La girl matte lipgloss to bourjois and so on. Do well to catch up on previous swatches (lip liners) and (mac lipsticks). Also check out COCOSWATCHES … Continue reading SWATCH | Liquid Lipsticks

SWATCH | MAC Lipsticks

Welcome Back I've gone ahead to do swatches of some MAC  Lipsticks on dark skin. Don't forget to check out COCOSWATCHES and know how it has made makeup shopping a lot easier.  lipliner swatches     Thanks for stopping by......

SWATCH | Affordable Drugstore Lip Liners

Well hello there! Remember my previous post on COCOSWATCHES and how it has made makeup shopping a lot easier and enables you make  well informed decision about makeup. I've gone ahead to do swatches of some affordable drugstore lip liners, you can get them from super drug or boots. links to each lip liner is listed below … Continue reading SWATCH | Affordable Drugstore Lip Liners

Ways to clean your Makeup Brushes

Its a good practice to wash your makeup brushes frequently (ahem) and there is also a lot to learn out there from  makeup artists who make a living out of using them. in as much as there are several how-to's when it comes to cleaning and caring for brushes, below is a list to how … Continue reading Ways to clean your Makeup Brushes